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Send money all over the world easily! Remitting money anywhere around the globe has never been this easier. Our Core Business at TAAJ is making remittance of money easy no matter where you are Being away from the people you can care it's easy,fast,safe and convenient. we believe sending money locally or oversees should be stress-free, and pride ourselves on keeping things simple and making your life easier. Here are the different ways you can make mobile money transfers with Taaj:

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Cash Pickouts

Taaj enables one to send and receive money using our agents that are located in nearly all countries worldwide.The beneficiary just walks in to any of our agents office with a form of identification and collect the money the were sent.

Bank Account Transfer

If you own a Salam Bank account you can receive money sent via Taaj directly to your bank account Salaam Bank account holders can enjoy this service even when outside the country since they can access the account online.

Mobile Money transfer

Taaj enables one to receive and send remittances directly to their mobile phone accounts via EVC Plus. Sahal and Zaad networks from anywhere in the world.

Receive Through Mobile Accounts

Taaj enables its subscribers to receive money sent to them anywhere in the world directly to their mobile phone account via EVC plus. Zaad and Sahal.


Cash Pickouts

We offer the best Exchange rates

Simple to use

Sending money has never been this easier

Quick turn around

Your money is received in time

Customer Service

Our phone and chat lines are open 24 hours a day any day


We provide a wide and convenient partner's network for deposit and withdrawal available to users all around the world.

Safe and secure

Your money is 100% secure from the moment you send to when its received. We are also AML and CFT compliant.

Saves time

Send money to your family and loved ones from your phone at the comfort of your home


Our pricing is highly competitive, reliable and fully transparent, and that gives us the cost-effective edge on market competitors. We remain cost conscious, and take an efficient and cost-effective approach to all aspects of our work. With no hidden fees and an advantageous pricing structure, we strive to make your financial life as efficient as possible.