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Taaj Money Transfer is a company owned by Somali businessmen and enjoys a good reputation internally and externally and has been licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia and has branch offices in various cities in the world. Taaj Money Transfer has become the leading provider of money remittance services in Somalia and beyond. Taaj offers individuals and business a fast secure and easy way via mobile phone, agents with an array of convenient pay out options including mobile. Bank agents to meet business and consumer needs

  • Mobile Money transfer
  • Cash Pickouts
  • Bank Account Transfer
  • Receive Through Mobile Accounts
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Overview Image


Remitting money anywhere around the globe has never be this easer. Our core business at Taaj is making remittance of money easy no matter where you are Being away from the people you care about hard. But it need not be hard to send money back to them no matter where you are With Taaj it’s easy fast ,Safe and convenient . We believe sending money locally or overseas should be stress-free and we pride ourselves on keeping things simple and making your life easier here are the different ways you can make mobile money transfer With Taaj


Taaj always ready to help you choose us what we are

Safe and security

Your money is 100% secure from the moment you send to when its received. We are also AML and CFT compliant.


Our pricing is highly competitive, reliable and fully transparent, and that gives us the cost-effective edge on market competitors.


We provide a wide and convenient partner’s network for deposit and withdrawal available to users all around the world.

We always try to understand customers expectation









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